PC Specifications for SDRUno

SDRUno will work with Windows 7, Vista, 8 and 10, this video by Mike explains the minimum specs and how settings within SDRUno can be optimised to work with low spec or older CPUs

Getting Started with SDRUno

This Video by Mike is directed at the first time or new user of SDRUno, the basic layout finding the manual, configuring audio settings , separating the tune and lo frequencies before starting SDRUno, the rf gain slider and adc overload warning, the frequency readout, bandwidth settings, the modes and navigating the spectrum

Reset SDRUno to Default

You may want to reset SDRUno to its default setting for a number of reasons and the process is shown in the video below and the steps are also listed ,

Main Panel

In the main panel select OPT

Select Reset to Default Settings

Finally read the message and click Yes to complete the process,

SDR VFO controller soon to be released.

BREAKING NEWS: A little bird landed on my shoulder informing me that production is a go. This will be a new inexpensive SDR controller, price is TBA but will be very affordable for the masses. All I can say is that it will be compatible with SDRuno as well as other software. Keep checking back for additional information. Only a render is available to share at this time.

SDRuno wideband noise blanker

Welcome to Signal Across the Pond. In this video I will demonstrate SDRuno’s noise blanker. You might already have experience using a hardware based noise blanker on traditional shortwave receivers or HF transceivers. Using SDRuno it’s all done in software. How good is it at removing hash. Watch the video below.