Creating and editing s1b files for SDRUno

The s1b files used in SDRUno are the common CSV format and as such can be edited with various software, in this video Rick talks about how to create them and import your only lists including some of the common conversions,

Download blank s1b csv file Here

Download Openoffice Here

Download LibreOffice Here

The calculation used for Mhz to Hz =SUM(a1*1000000) note cell reference may need to be changed to match your column layout

The calculation used for merging columns =b1&” “&c1 note cell references may need to be changed to match your column layout

S1b FileSharing

We have now started to add shareable s1b files that can be used with SDRUno , you are welcome to download, use and edit these files to suit your own needs, Mike has kindly included his own personal file,

just download and move/copy to you mem file location that SDRUno uses

If you have any s1b files that you would be happy for us to host and share please email them to, please include a note with relevant information particually for files that are location-based, Please note these must be your own work or have permission from the creator to allow us to share these files,

The files are available in three types dependant on which antenna port you choose to use with the file,

don’t forget to check back as we will be adding files on a regular basis, the files can be found here