Getting Started with SDRUno

This Video by Mike is directed at the first time or new user of SDRUno, the basic layout finding the manual, configuring audio settings , separating the tune and lo frequencies before starting SDRUno, the rf gain slider and adc overload warning, the frequency readout, bandwidth settings, the modes and navigating the spectrum

Sdruno getting started with Workspaces

SDRUno gives you the ability to create, save, rename and recall your workspaces to suit your individual needs this can be for a single screen or a multiple screen system, this video shows how that is possible

Saving a Work Space

To save a workspace have the Main panel selected this is indicated by the SDRUno text being highlighted in red, holding CTRL on your keyboard and press W then select the location to save this workspace from the 9 positions and hit Enter

Renaming a Workspace

Right Click on the Work space name, rename the Work Space and hit enter

Selecting a Workspace

To select a saved Work Space left click the work space name in the Main Panel a menu will pop up select the saved work space you require and it will load

Auto Layouts

you can find the default layout and layouts for the RSPDuo in the options menu in the main panel left click OPT in the main panel and then Auto Layouts from the menu selections