Black Cat HF Weather Fax (Special Offer)

Black Cat HF Weather Fax is A fully featured program that decodes and displays weather fax transmissions transmitted over shortwave radio, available for macOS and Windows.

you can tune your SDR to a weather fax transmission and feed the audio via a virtual audio cable into Black Cat HF Weather Fax , and start receiving and displaying weather fax images in minutes.

Black Cat HF Weather Fax

Lots of information including a demo, hf schedules and frequencies can be found on their website HERE,

The software sells for a very reasonable $20.00 but for SDRplay users we have very kindly been given a special offer with 50% off the normal price so a massive thank you to Black Cat Systems, please have a browse around their site as they have a variety of software that may be of interest,

To take advantage of this wonderful offer please click HERE