Remotely accessing SDRUno

here is a quick and easy solution for accessing and operating SDRUno when away from your main setup, there are lots of remote desktop solutions such as teamviewer to name just one and most are paid for solutions, now if you use chrome browser you can use the addon Chrome Remote Desktop this is free and available from the chrome webstore, andorid market etc, it is easy to configure and works on multi monitor systems ,

I have tried this on my phone and tablets and it has worked for me flawlessly with excellent audio (Bluetooth headphones ) it works over a wifi network or via your data connection if using a data connection please be aware you may incur charges from your phone data provider

Now this solution can be used for many more things than just SDRUno as it gives you access to your full system and programs

SDRUno VFO Controller Update

No pricing or release details yet but this has now gone from concept to design we have a sneak peek, For those who want a traditional dial to tune their SDR this will be an affordable option, A dedicated unit that will work with SDRUno and various other sdr software,

There are limited options for dedicated controllers for SDR with the Elad TM-2 being the premier choice and a great addition for SDRUno and other SDR Software, The TM-2 is great for those of us who like as much functionality as possible, this new unit will fit in nicely for those who would like a traditional tuning knob but do not want the expense of the TM-2 and do not require the full functionality,

We will be posting more details as we get them,

Creating and editing s1b files for SDRUno

The s1b files used in SDRUno are the common CSV format and as such can be edited with various software, in this video Rick talks about how to create them and import your only lists including some of the common conversions,

Download blank s1b csv file Here

Download Openoffice Here

Download LibreOffice Here

The calculation used for Mhz to Hz =SUM(a1*1000000) note cell reference may need to be changed to match your column layout

The calculation used for merging columns =b1&” “&c1 note cell references may need to be changed to match your column layout

PC Specifications for SDRUno

SDRUno will work with Windows 7, Vista, 8 and 10, this video by Mike explains the minimum specs and how settings within SDRUno can be optimised to work with low spec or older CPUs

Getting Started with SDRUno

This Video by Mike is directed at the first time or new user of SDRUno, the basic layout finding the manual, configuring audio settings , separating the tune and lo frequencies before starting SDRUno, the rf gain slider and adc overload warning, the frequency readout, bandwidth settings, the modes and navigating the spectrum