S1b FileSharing

We have now started to add shareable s1b files that can be used with SDRUno , you are welcome to download, use and edit these files to suit your own needs, Mike has kindly included his own personal file,

just download and move/copy to you mem file location that SDRUno uses

If you have any s1b files that you would be happy for us to host and share please email them to files@signalsacroosthepond.com, please include a note with relevant information particually for files that are location-based, Please note these must be your own work or have permission from the creator to allow us to share these files,

The files are available in three types dependant on which antenna port you choose to use with the file,

don’t forget to check back as we will be adding files on a regular basis, the files can be found here

Sdruno getting started with Workspaces

SDRUno gives you the ability to create, save, rename and recall your workspaces to suit your individual needs this can be for a single screen or a multiple screen system, this video shows how that is possible

Saving a Work Space

To save a workspace have the Main panel selected this is indicated by the SDRUno text being highlighted in red, holding CTRL on your keyboard and press W then select the location to save this workspace from the 9 positions and hit Enter

Renaming a Workspace

Right Click on the Work space name, rename the Work Space and hit enter

Selecting a Workspace

To select a saved Work Space left click the work space name in the Main Panel a menu will pop up select the saved work space you require and it will load

Auto Layouts

you can find the default layout and layouts for the RSPDuo in the options menu in the main panel left click OPT in the main panel and then Auto Layouts from the menu selections

Grey line map. HUH?

Some of you may or may not know about grey line or using a grey line map. Here is a quick primer as to why I use one. Using a a grey line map is a fantastic visual aid that might help you in catching some rare HF DX.

Image may contain: screen and office

I usually have SDRuno running 8 hours a day 6-7 days a week and the reason is, it’s my job. But as soon as Florida sun is starting to set. I’m enjoying HF listening from transmissions originating mostly out of Western Europe (long path).

A greyline map basically separates daylight from darkness. Propagation along the grey line is usually very good.  Why? The D layer (which absorbs HF signals) disappears very fast on the sunset side of the grey line and on the sunrise side The D layer has not yet built up to absorb HF transmissions that I’m after.

You can really optimize your chances of long distance listening to various areas of the world by monitoring when your region is going into grey line.

Here is a great website that I really recommend that you bookmark .

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you must allow the websites Flash content to run. Just click the Adobe Flash link I highlighted above.

If you run a single monitor setup…It might be time for a 2nd or 3rd monitor. Let us know in the comments section what catches you have made by monitoring HF signals in the grey line.

SDRuno and CSVUserlistBrowser

CSVUserlistBrowser is a free application that can be used with SDRUno and variety of other software and hardware that will accept either virtual or actual com port control,

In this Video Mike demonstrates how he has CSVUserlistBrowser setup on his system the programs required to set this up the installation procedure and how he uses it,

CSV User List Browser

VSPE link

Com0Com video